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Harper’s Bazaar gave us an exciting round-up of the hottest dye jobs, hairstyles and haircuts to rock this year, and here are all our favourite picks.

Feast your eyes:

1. Platinum Power

Cara Delevingne and Katy Perry have caused quite the glamour frenzy on the beauty radar with their gorgeous silver-platinum blonde dye jobs. Both agreed that shorter strands are easier to bleach, and decided to chop their hair into exciting buzz and cropped cuts.

2. Ultra-High Ponytail

Gather up all your strands and slick them high up, right in the middle of your head. You can rumple up your hair, curl them, or use a straightening iron to make them sleekly straight. This is your best pick to rock effortless elegance, and the best part is, you can flaunt this hairdo with any and every attire. Just be sure to secure it super tight so it gives your face an uplifting definition.

3. Sleekly Centre-Parted

Glossy, straight and centre-parted hair are all the rage in 2017, and you’re going to need your flat irons to achieve this effortlessly chic look. The trick is to make your hair look healthy and shiny, so be sure to give them a burst of heat protectant before using the straightener.

4. Grown-Out Shag

Shags were the hottest haircuts to rock in 2016, and this year, the grown-out bangs and layers of a messy shag are all the rage on the beauty radar. Shoulder-grazing shags and split bangs are trending super-hot, and from celebrities to super models and beauty bloggers, everyone seems to be rocking this hairdo with confidence. If you feel that a shag is too risky for you, perhaps you can experiment with messy shoulder-length shag and grown out bangs.

>5. Flat Waves

Gone are the days of beachy waves that bounce down your back, and we’re grateful for the trendy invasion of flat iron waves, which are much easier to achieve. All you need is a straightener to bend in your strands, just push it upwards and clam your iron to seal the bends. Keep repeating this easy trick on all your strands, and be sure to give your ends a sleekly straight finish.

6. Bluntly Sharp

Blunt bobs are all the rage this, and you need to make them sharply angular to give your face cut a sleekly polished finish. Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid have rocked this glamorous trend with a fiercely bold aplomb, and you can flaunt this rock on all hair textures, be it curly, wavy or straight.

7. Cher Trend

Ultra-long hair is all the rage, and Kim K, Jourdan Dunn and Rihanna are rocking it with a voguish glamour. You can grow out your own strands below your waist, or invest in some super-long extensions.

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